Little chicken want to roost with the big girls


Jun 7, 2018
SF Bay Area
I have 2 11 week old pullets. They are with my 5 2 year old girls for the past 4 weeks with no problem. I introduced them slowly and although they go they different ways - the young ones stay by themself there has not been any problem. They slept on their side of the coop run where I had them in the beginning physically separated from the big girls. 3 days ago the little ones decided they want to be on the roost with the big girls. Needless to say the big ones don’t want them there and until it’s to dark it’s mayhem. Big girls pick, young ones go down but fly right up into the war zone. For the past 3 days I have played peace keeper and stopped the big ones from pecking the little ones, but I can’t do that indefinitely. When will it stop, do I need to separate them again, - the little ones would have alternatives but somehow they don’t want to be there.

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