Little Debbie has an eye infection?

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    Hi everyone. This is Little Debbie (the funny looking one in the foreground), a 9-11 week old Buff Orpington. She's been sort of a funny-looking bird since we got her: smaller than her sisters, no tail feathers...and I've always felt she has sort of a "shrunken" or hunched appearance (she just doesn't seem proportional compared to the other birds, but it's been hard to tell what with the lack of tail feathers). She kind of looks like a giant chick. However, she is not at all lethargic. In fact, she's probably our most active bird. She often forages by herself (is this weird?) and is usually the first one out of the coop. She's the only one who comes when called and allows herself to be pet. Her overabundance of personality is what makes it all the harder to deal with the idea that she might be sick.

    Today, Debbie's been keeping one eye closed (you can see this in the picture). When she does open it, you can see that it's a bit red and a little goopy. A little Googling tells me that it could be a sign of a respiratory infection (though she doesn't seem to be wheezing, sneezing, or coughing), or possibly an injury. I doubt one of other birds would attack her here because they have so much space (the tail picking happened at the hatchery). I'm just wondering, I guess, if it could somehow be related to her inherent weird-looking-ness?

    Also, does anyone have treatment recommendations? Saline solution? Quarantine? Right now we have her isolated in a dog crate under a tree in the chicken yard...but the other chickens all seem to have rallied around her. Should we isolate her further (mud room?), or is this not necessary?

    Thanks for any help you can give. We really love this weird little chicken (oh, and it's our first flock, so we're total chicken noobs).
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    Looks like an eye infection. I would keep washing her eyes out with saline/ drops ( gentle contact safe drops is usually ok) and try and get her some antibiotic eye cream from a vets/ small animal vets ( country dependent otherwise a farm vet usually does the stuff) We had some eye cream called obernin or something which was an antibiotic one that was commonly used for pink eye and it worked well.

    Quarintineing her like you have is a good idea, at least until you know whats going on.

    there is every chance that she was scratching her head and slipped with her claw and got her eye giving it s scratch
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    Welcome to BYC. Vetericyn ophthalmic gel, though pricey at feed stores, may be good to use, or just plain old neosporin ointment. Terramycin ointment is good if you can find it, but it has become scarce or unavailable here. A good antibiotic such as erythromycin or Gallimycin that would treat either a bacterial or respiratory infection might be good to help clear it up.
    Little Debbie may have a skeletal deformity, either scoliosis or something called roach back, that makes her shape different.
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