Little Duck Coupe

Is a 4 month old campell hen going to grow to be too big for my 11 month old mallard drake to mount?

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Mar 14, 2018
I am new to ducks. I am also from the city. My husband got me a duckling last year, April 14
th 2017, and I raised him as a pet, & I adore him! He enjoys drumming on everyrhing inside, and running along with me and the dogs down the paths in our woods!
I am a jeweler in a rural area, so I started an Etsy shop online! I have almost finished securing chicken wire around the sanctuary I built.
We will look into expanding to a flock in time, but as for now, my drake is ready for a girlfriend.
The khaki campbell might grow to be a little bigger than the mallard but that shouldn't be much of a problem for him, A big problem I see though is the amount of hens you should give him, I'd never give drakes just one hen to 'mingle' with, otherwise you're going to have to deal with problems such as Over-mating. I strongly suggest getting at least 3 hens for your drake to keep him busy.

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