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    Feb 27, 2012
    I just purchased a Little Giant Still Air Incubator and I am not clear on the instructions for the humidity and air... Do i have to remove a red plug for air flow or is there enough air in there between turnings? I had the humidty and temperature perfect until I opened one of the plugs...

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    Aug 29, 2011
    I just went through all this with the LG. You will find on day 18 in the winter it is near imposable to raise the humidity to 60-65%. This is what I did. for day 1-18 fill both reservoirs. Leave one plug in and one plug out. On day 18 top off the reservoirs and add a regular sized bowl half full with a sponge in it then I closed both air holes. Note that most people will say don't do this because it cuts the oxygen exchange down. I just had a very successful hatch but I did only have 5 eggs in there. I imaging if you are hatching lots of eggs at once you would want to keep the plug out of the air holes.
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    THe details that Chookschick posted on her page is VERY helpful. ( The direction with the LG are confusing and talking to someone at LG was not any better) I followed CHooksCHicks methods and had a good hatch the FIRST time.

    Get the LG running at the temp and humidity you want with ONE plug in, then as it moves up or down a bit you can put in one plug or remove one plug. Works really well. ALso consider the dry hatch method. Much easier. Here is a link to the link.

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