Little Giant 9300 (still air)/10300 (has fan) Review

Discussion in 'Quail' started by Invision, Jan 21, 2015.

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    So I bought this to upgrade my OLD little giant that was about 20 years old and thought I should go digital.

    I ran into an issue where the store that I bought this from apparently installed the FAN incorrectly. I thought something was wrong when they said to place the thermometer right under the fan/heating element... after about 12 hours with the eggs in the incubator I called the manufacture to ask them about what direction the airflow is intended to go. They responded rather quickly to my surprise. But at that point I had gone home and turned the fan around before I heard back. Just a warning to whom ever buys this model, the heating element, fan, and fan cover are all separate so once you remove the screws the whole thing falls apart. It's a little tricky to get things back together. After doing that I am impressed with the temperature controller though, it does have about a degree of change that it allows for, but I've noticed that it makes up for that swing over time, I had see in drop to 98.4 in the corner and about a minute later go up to 100.4. So it does average it's self out. I also have the spot check thermometer and it has spiked to 105.3 at one point but I think I had the probe in the jet-stream of the fan. I think this incubator is a good choice for beginners but we will see what the hatch rate is, I may have fried a couple eggs with that heater blowing directly on top of a few eggs but oh well, I placed 35 in, i'll be happy if I get 12 or 15 birds after the difficulties I had at the start.

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