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Nov 22, 2009
Floyd. va
I have started my second batch of chicks. I now have a few Questions for any one that may have the same type of incubator.

1. has any one ever made a second box for the chicks to dry in? Having five of six chicks flopping around on the wire mesh seems like it wold cause problems. I would like to make a box for them to dry in with pine wood shavings that is the time temp as the Incubator. An comments on this Idea would be great.

2. I have put wash clotes on the bottom of the Incubator and taped over three of the holes to increase the humidity in the Incubator. Then I have been adding about 24 ounces of warm water two times a day. I have also instaled a small pc fan to help ciculate the air. Is this o.k. ?

3. When sould I remove vent plug #1? The instruction say to remove vent plug #2 on day 18, But dosn't give a time for vent #1. I removed it the day I started. Is that the right thing to do?
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I use my lg mostly for a hatcher now. Although at this moment i am trying a no turn experiment in it with 2 doz EE eggs. I let chicks dry almost completely in the lg and then move them into a box or brooder with a fitted piece of "rubber" mesh draw liner to walk on. I dont use litter or shavings. Sometimes i put a piece of paper towel in first two days. I used to just let them walk on brooders wire mesh but use the drawer liner on it now. Use the drawer liner for first two days until they are stronger. Then they are on wire of brooder. When I did first hatches only in lg I filled water channels on lockdown and left one plug out. I run a nearly dry incubation for first 15 days, then add more water. My home has high humidity most of the year though. Good luck. Happy hatches.
i would not block off the holes on the bottom, hot air rises so you get your fresh air you need ive had several lg and am using 2 right now
Oh, yeah, the pc fan, good idea. This may reduce your humidity in the lg. 24oz 2x a day seems like really high humidity. But, im fairly damp here most of the year. It takes 2-3 hours for my chicks to dry chicks in lg with filled resevoirs. But a toasty little brooder box might be nice for your chicks.
You'll notice that there are eight small holes on the top lid , about 3/16 of a inch round holes .Your fan , is it located over one of the red vent holes ? if so then remove that one and you will pull in fresh air , if your fan is blowing down , if it is blowing up then remove the other one .It should create a air current pulling from one and blowing out the other .Myself I don't open any of the vents , it keeps the temp very consistant and it also helps with the humidty .I only fill my trays half full and I'm at 70 -80 % humidity
I have 2 LG Still Air Incubators I have modified one with a pc fan , the other I went to the Dollar General and picked up a mini fan that bends all the way up to blow air up I don't have a egg turner in that incubator so I put it in the middle of the incubator it has a stand and I tilted it till its facing up ward.

It has kept my temps steady now at 99.9 humidity is low here in my room at 28 % so I have had to add rags to the incubator to boost my humidity.
I have a turn so space is really tight. The fan is about 4 inches * 4 Inches, so I have it setting in the corner of the lg. I have tested the temp in several spots in the lg and the temps where all really close to the same.

Is it possible to have to much humidit? I don't have a hodomiter to test the humidity. so all i can do is make a good guess. about how much does one cost any way.

OMG Maxi pads really? Why didn't I think of that Great IDEA !!! Thank you !!! Learn something every day

Oh, I can't take credit for that one.........I saw it on here somewhere back many moons ago.

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