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    I bought a little giant incubator and so far I have had two hatches. The percentage is 50%...pretty low.The other 50% of unhatched eggs the embryon was fully form. They didn't showed any sign of pipping. So after reading the article posted about "dry hatching" it seems that my problem is related on having too much humidity. But I'm not quite conviced. The instructions for the incubator states that during the last three days the humidity should be increased! and not drecrease as stated in the article. For those three days, I filled up all three channels inside and added aadditional small container with water. I'm trying one more time and right now I trying to hatch my third round. So, have anyone had any experience with the Little giant incubator with fan and egg turner? Another sign that I noticed on the unhatched eggs, after day 21, (day 23) the embryon was kind of dried. Again, this does not seems to relate with the theory of having too much humidity, unless this is typical for an egg with a dead embryon. Given that I have provided suficient water and the room temperature is pretty stable, no drafts and the climate is tropic (high humidity) what could have gone wrong? too much humidity or too little? The article also states to leave the incubator close untill day 23. At 99.5 F temperature, could the chicks survive being in the incubator for two days without water? I'm currently in the process of hatching my third round, it is on day 10. Please help.
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    I have a LG still air, it takes a few hatches. The humidity should be increased the last three days. Also, I had to get a wiggler to check my temps "in the gg" because I had a huge air gradient. My air temp at the top of the egg had to be 103.5 to keep my inside egg temp at 99.5. Once I figured that out I was okay.

    Oh, I also add sponges the last three days to increase temp. Also, a dry room also seems to have a big affect on it.

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