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    I have a little giant incubator. I have tried several batches and not one has hatched. I have bought them on Ebay and those never even developed veins. This latest batch was from my Serama. I had 5 and 4 developed veins and eventually there was a black blob. That is all that happened. They never went beyond that. The temp is fairly consistent. I tried dry incubation with the last batch. I have tried humidity with others. What am I doing wrong? I'm so frustrated! Is it the incubator? Now I have a broody silkie with no fertilized eggs. :-(

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    First, are you relying on just one thermometer? Never rely on the built in thermometers with the cheaper bators and my philosophy is never rely on just one. Made that mistake with my first hatch (I too use a little giant bator) had one chick hatch late because the brand new thermometer (I didn't calibrate-cause it was new) ended up being 6-7 degrees off. Now I use 3 thermometers in the bator. (2nd hatch yielded 13/16 hatchers.) I recommend at least two that work well. 2nd. Is it still air or forced. Still air needs to incubate an average of 102 degrees during hatch, forced at 99.5. Third, Do you have an egg turner and if not are you turning at least 3x's a day and always an odd number a day?
    There are a lot of variables it could be.

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