Little Giant Thermostat wiring Diagram.

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    I am building a hatcher to go along with my incubator, I have sourced a thermostat from an old Little Giant Styrofoam Incubator. However I can not find the wiring Diagram to wire it up! I need to know what wires to connect to the heating element. I have a RED, BLACK and WHITE wire. Thanks

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    The red is the output from the thermostat and the white is neutral so the red and the white go to the heating element.
    The white and black go to the power source.

    I'm doing the opposite with my LG. Using the heat element for my hatcher and throwing the thermostat away. My last two 'hatches' the thermostat worked very erratically.
    I bought a new one on e-bay for $15 including shipping
    I don't have it put together yet so I can't tell you how it works.
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