Little Giant tin water heater

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    Feb 4, 2009
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    I just ordered a Little Giant Tin Water Heater. Can anyone tell me if that is made in China or the US?
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    One of the huge things this forum offers on every page is "SEARCH" and the "SEARCH" feature allows you to find topics that have been rehashed to death. Instead of having to wait and check your post if anyone answered the "SEARCH" feature allows you a powerful tool to access the same questions you want to ask. So if you wanted to know about "Little Giant tin water heater" you would go to the "SEARCH" on the top of every page top left side 4th choice from the left. In there you can look up anything since the BYC started. You set the fields to search if you know the members name or what it does or ? and you get after you hit submit posters from all over the forum has years of experience with posts in the 10's of thousands and members with years and year of experience with having to post but just look it up.

    My point. I did a search for "Little Giant tin water heater" and cam up with a thread that has 35 pages with at least 10 replys on each page on your exact subject. Good luck to you forgive me for my direct approach but it is clear and concise. Best Regards and [​IMG] to the BYC
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