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9 Years
Aug 19, 2010
north central indiana
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My Coop
I'm talking about the type with the red bowl that automatically fills up (can't edit my post title). NOT the type with the water reservoir attached to the red tray. We are getting ready to set one of these up, using a 5 gallon bucket as a water supply. I have a couple of questions. Does the water bowl itself need to have support underneath or can it just hang? We are planning for the bucket to be outside the run and there will be pipe running through the fence into the run where it will be connected to the bowl.

Also, any hints to keep the chickens from sitting on the horizontal pipe? Can I angle it and still have the bowl hanging (if it doesn't need support)?
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I had the same problem with them sitting on the pipe. I tied a piece of hay string about 3 inches horizontaly above the pipe and it worked. Also I think you can run the pipe at any angle you want to as long as it is below the bucket.

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