Little girl fell in water


Feb 25, 2018
One of my chicks, that is already smaller than the rest, fell in the water and got soaked yesterday. I tried drying her off but it wasn't much help. She's been very quiet and doesn't move much anymore.
Do you think she's in shock, just a little cold, other??

Somehow ALL 13 of my chicks got soaked in water, but not one duckling... That is the strangest thing I've ever seen, because there didn't seem to be any good explanations. I had just given them some fresh water and when I came back they were all soaked, but the waterer wasn't at an unusual level. The waterer looked like it hadn't even lost much, if any water. And for only the chickens to be soaked, but not the ducks??????
I'll include pictures
It looks like the ducks have water on them, but that's a normal amount of water for them to have. They're not soaked like the chicks.

Do you have a heat light?
Also move the ducks to another box.
Yes I have a heat light, but we were getting ready for bed so I turned it off and turned a little space heater I have on. For some reason the heater wasn't on when I walked in though but as soon as I turned it on they all gathered there. This morning I checked on them and they're all dry and happy.

Why do you recomend another box for the ducklings? Then I have to buy an extra set of feeder/waterer and an extra heat lamp
Chicks will be normally attracted to open water pans for the first 10 days, and may jump in and drown. I can’t see your setup, but it looks like a normal chick waterer in use. The problem could be with having ducklings in the same brooder. It is dangerous for the chicks to be getting wet, so I would separate them, and make sure there is plenty of room. They can be piling on and smothered if the ducks are bothering them, and they could be kept from food. Ducks need water to dip their beaks into, so it might be better to wait until the chicks are older and can get around well before having them together.

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