little goose with splay leg! Help


9 Years
May 24, 2010
Tucson AZ
How do you fix this! He is my favorite little guy, but his legs are almost as long as he is tall and now he is having trouble getting around. He is about three weeks old and I dont know what to do! Could any one please help? He is a Toulouse, in case that's important.
You can do a search on this sight to find suggestions, as I was just doing for my 1 day old toulouse whose legs go staight out to each side, poor thing can't walk at all. I am going to hobble his legs and later this evening let him go for a swim so that he can be more upright and get a bit of exercise to strenghten the legs. Good luck with your little guy.
Years ago I had ducklings…When they were about 3 weeks old; couple of them became handicapped; their legs were collapsing.
We had a friend – a real people doctor….he was visiting us for a drink from time to time…
He saw my ducklings. Told me; give me this duck….and he took small piece of wood and bandaged together with the legs – he sort of made additional steady legs!
And…believe it or not, in couple of days the ducks started walking again. Also he told me to change their diet for a while; give them less moist food and keep them dry for some time.

I don’t know how old your goose is. If just a newborn, I suppose you can put human bandage: Each end wrapped around to each leg, the soft bandage part stays in between the legs.
I do this: and it works every time!

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