Little hamster los......woah....FOUND!!!!


Canning Squirrel
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Mar 6, 2008
Floresville, Texas
I have spent the day in a state of worry. Woke up to find that Georgia, one of my 9 y/o's 2 hamsters, had escaped. She is pretty special to us anyway as her and her "sister" were abandoned with a litter of babies in a parking lost last Summer in a hot, black shoebox. We love her. We also have 4 indoor cats and a yippy dog, all of whom would LOVE to snack on a nice, juicy hamster. We have kept his bedroom dooor shut hoping she was somehow hiding really well in there, and hunted for her all day. He went to bed so sad with a plate of peanuts (her favorite snack) in the middle of his floor. He just came running out squealing that Georgia was sitting there staring at him! She is now back in her cage and secure!!!!
Yay for found hamsters!!!!

Sorry, I just HAD to share. I have been so worried and you can't even imagine the relief I felt when I got to snuggle her little fat, warm body.
That happened to me to.. We used to have a grey long haired hamster named Smokey... She was a bit wilder than Buddy our white long haired hamster. Well one day, some how she got out.. I spent all day moving every piece of furnature in the house. Then I fount a bit of hair on a small whole that led under the house. It was a hole that wasnt yet sealed when some pipes were redone. I figured we would never see her again. So I placed some tape across the hole with some peanut butter on the underside of it. Some time in the night I heard her eatting through the tape.. I got up in the middle of the night and felt her zoom past me and brushed by my foot.. So I turned on the lights and plugged up the hole real fast, shut the door.. I caught her a few minutes later.. Hamsters sure can be fast lil buggers.
Yes, they are amazingly fast!!! I couldn't believe she just sat there like "oh hi, did you want to pick me up now?" Never even tried to run, which most hamsters will do when they are out.
LOL glad you found your hamster safe and sound.
My daughter had one escape when she was younger and we found it in our laundry basket-it was a tall one and the hamster had eaten its way through quite a few clothes and was on the bottom! Don't ask how it got in there. She loves recalling that story-I was not very impressed with having to replace the clothes!
If your scorpion escapes I will be worried.

I'm going outside now to build a 3 inch fence around the house.

My Bro had hamsters when we were kids, they were cute little escape artists.

Imp- My cats are now saying "Please get us some hamsters" Yeah Right!
I can imagine the chewed up clothing didn't make you too happy!!! I am assuming the old stuffed animals in his closet may have suffered some damage today but I haven't looked at them yet.

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