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Apr 30, 2014
This is my first adventure into backyard chicken keeping and I need some help with chick/pullet recognition. A little over 3 weeks ago I visited a NC feed store and purchased (what I was told to be), a gold sex-link, an Easter Egger, a Barred Rock and Silver Laced Wyandotte. However, I may have two "mutts" if you will. The silver laced Wyandotte was brought from the back and looked horrible, literally covered in poop and had no fluffy feathers. Once I gave her a bird bath, she started to look like a normal healthy chick. She has a white spot on the back of her head and white/black speckles for the body. Her legs are yellow on the back but grayish on the front of her legs, but no feathering on the legs. Her name is Olivia. The next mystery bird is Velvet who was sold to me as the Barred Rock, however she is almost completely black with a white little stripe going down from her throat to belly. She has more white on her belly and grey legs with feathering. She also has little white eyebrows, so cute.
So here is the thing, the feed and seed store had the barred rock, wyandottes and black Marian's in tubs right next to each other. I'm thinking Velvet is a black maran and Olivia is the barred rock.
The red light makes the colors hard to see so I do apologize. I can take them out for individual glamour shots, if necessary. Thanks for the help...

Please tell me your opinions....



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Apr 8, 2008
Hard to tell since they aren't in natural light, but Olivia is indeed a female Barred Rock.

Your other bird could be a Black Copper Marans. Strange thing to see at a feed store, but if that's what they said they had... they didn't carry Black Australorps, did they?

Post photos again once they have all of their adult feathers. So many chicks look identical, it's hard to tell them apart until they feather out.
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