little lady is broody I think

Discussion in 'Hatch-A-Longs' started by LadyLuck, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. LadyLuck

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    Mar 15, 2012
    one of my banty crosses (little, got a few feathers on her legs, puffy cheeks, lays blue eggs, so not sure of her parentage) has gone broody- at least from what I can determine reading on here.
    I've looked through old threads and see pictures of simple broody pens and nests and plan to throw one together tomorrow if possible.
    We have 3 roosters but I only notice the fertilized bullsyes on the brown eggs...I don't know if none of the blue eggers (four of these bantys and two full size Ameracaunas) appeal to the gentlemen or if I just haven't noticed the eggs when I use them.

    When I set her nest, I guess I'll use a few of the brown eggs, a few full size blues, and a few of the banty blues... 3 of each?

    Now, some of the discussion centered on whether or not to move a broody hen leaves me confused. Right now she's trying to set in one of the main nesting boxes (4, shared by 13 hens) and I haven't let her keep any eggs. Since I haven't let her keep eggs, will she be likely to accept a new nest where I DO let her have eggs? If I give her a stocked nest will that be fine, or will she want to lay her own clutch? As far as moving back to the main coop and nesting boxes, if I put her in a broody box/run, she won't be able to move back so it's either nest where I put her or break her broody spell.

    any tips or hints? this will be our first time.
  2. Johnn

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    Sep 5, 2011
    If you plan to put 3 of each eggs in and shes a banty, i would make sure she can cover them first. Also its best to move her at night but mebys you shouldnt give her eggs you care about untill you know shes defintley going to sit in her new area. Good luck!

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