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    I have a goofy serama. She seems to be happiest when she's by herself. This summer her roo was killed by raccoons, and she laid more eggs after his death than before. Got her a new roo, who ended up leaving us because he was VERY noisy, and she laid better when he left. Moved her into our bantam coop, and she stopped laying all together. Sunshine is a B Clase serama, so she's pretty small. I recently moved her into the house because it's been very cold outside, and I worried about her because of her size. Goofy girl has been living alone in my daughters room for a bout 3 weeks now. She's been laying a nice sized egg every other day and seems happy as a clam. Can chickens be happy by themselves because Sunshine sure seems to be!


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    Both those situation could/would stress her out, thus causing her not to lay. Roosters can be harassing to hens and lots of hens are happier without them. Putting her in the bantam coop would have caused the pecking order to be have to be re-established. I would guess she may have been at the bottom and possibly not comfortable. She might be happier with other serama hens but seems like she is happy now and while some people think chickens need other chickens for company, I know of cases where lone chickens seemed perfectly happy with other types of companions.


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