Little man is being a bully


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Aug 24, 2011
One of my month old Sebright males started to be a bully last night....but he only picks on the Sebright girls and none of the other breeds of chicks I have.

I tried to separate him and put him in timeout in a separate cage and he was not happy.He continuously kept pecking and testing every square inch of the cage looking for a way out.

I put him back in with the rest after a few minutes and he eventually calmed down and they all went to bed for the night. This morning all seemed fine and business as usual...

What would cause the little bugger to be such a turd? It might be that he just figured out he's a rooster and wants to be top dog....but why only pick on the other Sebright girls?
"Little man is being a bully"

Oh ...... I thought you were talking about my husband ..

I had a dominant little RIR roo who picked on the red sex link pullets but NOT the RIR pullet. What we did was pick him up and hold him when he did it. It showed him we were dominant over him and he ended up calming down. He was always more of a pisser (challenger) but he really settled down & now lives as a back yard roo with hens older than him, so they take none of his guff (karma, baby!)

Also, ours picked at each other when we had a white light on them too many hours (we switched to red bulb and the pecking went down. Not sure if you still have a light at 4 weeks).

It is strange they distinguish each other when they have grown up from peepers.I do not pretend to understand it. I go into the coop some nights and notice the RIR sleeping together and the sex link sleeping together, but I got them all together, the same day & they have been together since!

Hope this helps.
I have a red lamp that I use....funny you mention that. I had the lamp off yesterday due to the heat and hadn't turned it back on, but I did have the main overhead lights on. Once I turned the red lamp back on and the overhead lights off...he calmed down. coincidence?

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