Little Margarita


7 Years
Aug 19, 2012
Snohomish County
Little fair maiden hatched not but two weeks ago, oh how she was the most beautiful of all the clutch; however, she developed cross beak and as the days passed it had grown worse until we had realized she was not able to partake the sustianse she was given, even when it was ground into a powdered of which resembled sand. Her fate was decided and there was going to be no happy ending but one of everlasting peace. We had looked far and wide for a humane way to rid her of her earthly sufferings, and stumbled upon a way of which we both had decided was the best, little did we know of her strength and will to live. We found the method of choice here, right here on this site. We had decided to use benydril to dull her body and rid it of the evils and pleasures of life, but she pursued life like a hungry lion after its prey and as such would not let go of it until the battle was won. 1 benydril had entered her body, hoping to end the very precise life all because we could not simply help her and not wanting suffrage. She pursued life for three hours until we come to realize that she would not go down so easily, we had read that a benydril could at the very least putt a full grown large fowl rooster to sleep. She was zipping about as her usual self after all that, I wanted to stop, i want to at the very least help her instead of bringing her down. But the deed was done, we could not risk having undignosed internal damages; therefore, we slipped 2 and a half benydrils down the goddesses throat hoping that would be enough. So we set on a clock the countdown for her life, the 30 minutes of which she could spend with us and her siblings one last time. The time had come and gone and she was still fighting to stay awake, stay alive. But as I said there would be no happy ending but one ending of everlasting peace, as the clock signed for her dismies I spoke my final goodbyes she would hear and had to end it through the very hands that had plucked her egg from the nesting box, the hands that had cared for her both in the egg and when she was breathing. There she layed the those very hands and being watched by the face of one who had loved her very much, a face of which had let loose a dam of feelings and water. I felt the warmth of Margarita one last time as I layed her in her tomb, her eternal resting spot. After cover her to protect her new dwellings I had said my goodbyes and my promises, my promise that I would never forget her, never forget how much we had loved her and wishing this story had a happy ending as well as peaceful ending.

R.I.P Margarita-may your memory stay with us all
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