Little Missy; my rescue hen


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Oct 14, 2010
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I just want to share this story with you'all. I found this hen at a neighbors house and she had been living in a wire bottom cage for longer than the neighbor can even remember. She was living on scraps from the house and whatever they threw in there for her. She has some kind of nerological problems that causes her to walk like she is drunk. Her breastbone was raw from laying on the wire floor, also the skin & feathers were caked with old poo. The ends of her wing feathers were rubbed off from using her wings for balance. We were casually talking about his chickens and he said he would not mind getting rid of her. I grabbed her. Took her home..gave her a bath ASAP! Spend an hour combing thru her feathers, breaking apart the wax tubes (she was not preening) and generally getting the skin & feathers clean. I put her in my dog crate with shavings and she had a BALL dust bathing over and over again! Every AM I am "preening" her with a soft brush and I am noticing the breastbone is starting to scab over!!!
She has a spot ajacent to my run and she can walk and eat the grass. and sun-bathe. Today, I let her "free-range" a little and I saw her try to run.....the look on that chickens face was priceless ~~ I cried.
Everyday she is getting stronger on her feet, I am sure she is never going to be 100% but just as long as she can be a chicken and do all those wonderful chicken activities I am happy.

These pics were taken this morning, I have had her one week now. She still cannot/will not "scale" that little branch on the ground behind her~~~ that will be the next milestone.
And of course the camera battery died after the first shots..
--so more to come...
P.S. He has another gamey mutt hen that will be coming home with me Sunday as I have room now in my quarentene coop. YEAH!
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Mar 19, 2010

What a wonderful story! I am glad that you rescued her because she seemed to be the Repunzel of the chicken world. Locked in a tower for years still a wonderful person set her free. Congratulations on your new addition and the other soon to be one. May she live a wonderful life and bring you joy.


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May 27, 2010
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That is awesome, we rescued 2 roos from a rabbit cage last fall, one was a meat bird,*(we ate him)
and the other one is kinda a jerk, but we are stillin Rooster Training, and last week he fought off a stray dog.
So the jury is still out on him...........but it made me feel good to give him a chickens life.

Make sure you check the bottoms of her feet, the one we ate had a problem from standing on the wire.


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Oh, thank you for rescuing her!

I accepted a hen from a friend's neighbor a few months ago. The neighbor had two, one died some time ago (unknown reason) and this hen stopped laying. The neighbor thought it must be lonely; her husband didn't care and wanted to eat her. My friend asked if I would give her a good home, and since I agreed to do so, transported that hen 500 miles to my house. The hen is a GLW, the neighbor thought it was a RIR and had named her "Red."

Her remaining food came with her: scratch. My friend said her coop was filthy, had probably never been cleaned. Her last day there, Red was given slices of orange to eat.

When I got her, Red's comb and wattles were very pale and shrunken. Plus she had HORRIBLE scaley leg mites, like an arthritic person's hands. Just horrible. After treatment and proper feed, she looks like an entirely different hen. I took a picture of her the other day and my friend forwarded it the neighbor, who agrees she looks like a different hen.

I hope you get Before and, after a while, After photos of Little Missy for us, or at least for your own self-satisfaction.
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Yay Chicks!

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Apr 15, 2010
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Wow. I hope that bird has a short memory of where it came from and just enjoys the great treatment it is getting now. Thanks for being the kind of person who didn't hesitate to rescue her. I'll look forward to the pictures

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