Little one got beaten by other hens!

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    Nov 30, 2010

    My name is Michel, I am from Quebec, Canada. This is a new experience for us, as we started two months ago the chicken business.

    We have acquired three hens from a co-worker, a cross bread Americauna/rumpless (Cadbury), an Americauna (Grisoune) and a little Red Silky (Roussette). So far so good, until two days ago!!!

    Cadbury is 4 weeks older then Grisoune and Roussette, which were raised together from birth in the same cage.

    Every day, we open the coop door to let them outside for a period of time, but Sunday when I came to close the coop door, I noticed by looking into the window that Roussette is not where to be found from the window`s view.

    I got into the coop to find her hidden head deep behind the water feeder and all wet, when I pulled her out I noticed that her head has been beaked out and two chunks of skins have been ripped. I called my friend to has what to do and got her isolated from the other hens so she can heal.

    I have tried to bring her back to the coop but the other hens have tried to beak her again and again as I have her in my hands. Cadbury seems to show that she is the leader into the coop, so I have tried to see how it was with her with Grisoune and Roussette, but the same thing happen and the little red one is trying to hide behind the water feeder.

    How do I solve this issue?

    Please help me!
    P.S. Sorry about the spelling mistake, English is not my first language! [​IMG]
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    Jul 3, 2009
    First of all [​IMG]!!!

    Now about your poor little hen. First off I would let Roussette heal completely before letting her back in with the others. Chickens are naturally curious and will peck at any spot, scab or bare patch. They will cause more damage and if they see blood they will continue to peck, probably until the death.

    Do you have her in the house to recover? If you have a wire dog crate or something like that where Roussette could stay in INSIDE the coop they would get used to seeing her until she heals. When she does heal I would put Cadbury in the crate for 3 days (with food and water of course) where she could see the other chickens but not get out. That might take her down on the pecking order enough to prevent pecking.

    Do Grisoune and Roussette get along if Cadbury is not there? If you put Cadbury back and she is still aggressive I think you have two choices. The first would be to make an enclosure within the coop that only Roussette can get into. The opening would be small so the other two bigger ones can not get in. She would have someplace safe to go. The other is to rehome Cadbury.

    Cadbury might try to prevent Roussette from eating or drinking too. Make sure that Roussette is getting enough food.

    Let us know how it all works out!
  3. Fambnb

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    Nov 30, 2010
    Thank you Qi Chicken for the fast response!

    Roussette is currently in the garage in a dog cage with some extra area so she can exercise a little bit.

    My coop is 4x4, with 2 nesting boxes, one roost.

    I think I can organise something inside to allow Roussette to have 1/3 of the area inside the coop.

    I have two feeding tube which one of then is food and the other one is oster shells. I could remove the oster shells and replace by food for now and move my water feeder in the center so its shared by both sides. And enclose also one nesting box for now.

    I have uploaded an image of my coop so you can see.

    Thanks for this great advise.

    I am so glas that this forum is here for us.
    Also thanks for making my first time usage of the forum a great experiance.


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