Little red isn't right!


8 Years
Aug 6, 2011
New Mexico
5 week old Little Red - RIR - has been just fine until yesterday. I started watching carefully when she started looking a little less active . Checked her but - some white poop, but not pasted over. She's still "punky" today - eating and drinking - did clear her rear , which was not quite crusted over with the "white poopy yuck". Could this be an - ate a bad bug and watch carefully - sort of thing? I'm inclined to hold at concern instead of panic as long as I can see eating and drinking.
No discharge from nostrils, just being puffy and "off". There have been no drastic changes and her coopmates are fine.
Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks!!
She sounds sick, I would take her out of the brooder the other chicks are in and put her in her own brooder. Give her medicated chick starter, and put ACV, or some kind of medication in her water. Try giving her boiled/scrambled eggs for a healthy treat. Make sure she is eating and drinking. Do you have a picture?

~ Aspen
Thanks for your responses. She perked up a bit, ate well and is sleeping now. Update tomorrow. Will check and treat. Thanks again.

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