Little Rooster Is Showing Promise...I Think. He's Either Brave or Stupid, LOL

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    Gabriel is 8 weeks old. He is the son of my Delaware rooster, Isaac, and my BLRW x BBS Ameraucana hen, Rita. Today, his broody mama, my EE Maretta, and full sister, Serena, and half brother, Scout, who is Maretta's biological chick, were messing around in the front area of the Old Hens' Coop while the main flock free ranged. This is the first time the two groups have been out at the same time since the hatch.

    Tiny the Terrorist, my weirdo Ameraucana with Sumatra lineage, has taken to laying her egg on top of a bale of straw to avoid the hormonal cockerels who target her (she must have a target on her somewhere because they all go after her, every group that comes along wants Tiny). Well, the bale of straw is in the Old Hens' coop storage area where Maretta and her three 8 week old kids were lounging around. Maretta is still in full mama mode. Today, she'd already fought with one of the cockerels, rolling on the ground until I broke it up before she got hurt. She defends those three like they were just hatched, not over 8 weeks old already.

    Tiny wanted her spot but she had to go past Maretta to get there. Becoming frustrated with the situation, she got in Maretta's face. BAD choice. Maretta took the challenge and it was on, feet flying. BUT, Maretta had reinforcements. Gabriel, little 8 week old Gabriel, came to his mama's aid and jumped on Tiny's back! Tiny has spurs, for crying out loud, and she's been really cranky lately, too, fed up with being chased by every teenage rooster in the coop. In the end, Tiny ran screaming from the coop, not knowing what was thunking her in the head from behind while Maretta was in front of her.

    Later in the day, Isaac, seeing his Maretta back from "maternity leave", went chasing her across the yard. She was yelling and dodging and weaving when suddenly, I saw Gabriel and Scout put their heads down and charge Isaac! I swear, are they stupid or just more protective of their mom than is good for them? Thankfully, Isaac ran out of steam and stopped, and he is never aggressive to the youngsters.



    And Scout, who is Isaac and Maretta's son, a very handsome little Delawegger that I may end up keeping, too. Gosh, I already have too many in the main group.[​IMG] Who could resist this, though?
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    He is very brave of course. He was protecting his mama. How dare Tiny and Isaac should behave himself while they are in mama mode. Hehe hehe. Almost like when the Delarex attacked him I would have though Like would have learned. Hahahaha
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    They are very handsome young men.
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    Why, oh why, do I fall head over heels for the little males? I can't keep them all. I have been trying to rehome Ira, the one that Maretta fought with yesterday, but no one has claimed him. Even if someone does take Ira, I'll still have Indy, Rex, Deacon, Gabriel and Scout, plus Isaac as long as he lives, in the main flock, which will have only 20 hens, including little Serena, in it. Since I retired Snow and Nora to the Retirement Coop, I'm down two adult hens in the main. If I have to, I guess I will let Scout go. And if any one of them ends up being a complete butthead, he will go as well, but so far, they are good natured boys like their dad.
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    so bloomin' cute they are. Gorgeous handsome young fellaas

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