Little rooster pecking me, how to make it stop pecking.


Jun 23, 2021
So basically i have a very small rooster about a month i think. And he pecks me. He pecks my fingers my toes my skin, anything related to me. First he only did it when he was hungry and wanted food, now he does it all the time. And since hes getting bigger his pecking hurts a lot more now. Is there any way to make him stop it?

Give it a solid tap with the end of your finger. Try tapping on your wrist- you want it to be just a bit harder than he's pecking you. You might also search on here for "how to handle an aggressive rooster". I don't think he's an issue yet, but most of those threads also talk about mistakes people make that give the rooster the idea that he's the one in charge, leading to aggression issues later.
I peck them back, on the head or anywhere I can reach, with the tips of thumb and first 2 fingers, as hard and fast as many times as I can before they get away. Well, not hard enough to hurt them, just startle them and let them you mean business. That's what another chicken would do, so they understand that kind of communication.

If that doesn't work after a couple applications, I hold them down to the ground with my hand on their back until they submit....again firmly enough to get the job done but not hurt them....add a few finger pecks and/or tug on the feathers on the back of their neck.

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