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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by coolcanoechic, Apr 8, 2012.

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    Ok, So I fill the chick feeder. I go back a little later to check on the chicks and it's almost empty. The little buggers get up on it and scratch all the food out all over the floor. I thought about raising it a little, but wonder if the babies will be able to reach it. I have 1 week olds and 3 week olds together in the brooder. I can't hang the feeder because there is no hook on it. Maybe I should have purchased the 50# bag of chick crumbles? [​IMG]

    Any suggestions?

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    Mar 8, 2012
    We were having the same problem so we got one of those little hooks with the screw on the end (you can screw them into the wall and hang mugs or towels or any lIttle thing off of them) and screwed it into the top of the feeder and then hung it up. We raised it a little bit at a time as the chicks grew. We had the same feeder as you do. Good luck :)
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    I used a cut down cardboard box as a simple and cheap feeder. Worked great! This simple device allowed the chickens to engage in normal foraging behavior.



    Eventually I bought a rubber bowl to feed them in. I still use this today, and at the end of the day I store any left over food in the feed bin. I originally worried about them knocking over the box and bowl but they never did. If they had I would have placed a heavy rock in the center.
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    for all of my chicks i just use and old cake pan and they go nuts for the only down side is every few day there is just as much food outside the pan as there is inside so i just let them work on that i honestly think they prefer the hunt of it
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    These are good ideas.
    This morning, I put a pie dish in the brooder with a little garden soil in it. They have been all over it, but haven't knocked it over yet. The babies are too small to get in there yet, but the bigger ones love it.

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