Littles with the Bigguns !


Jul 16, 2021
DeSoto Mo
I put all the new hens in with the established hens at 2 months of age before we went on vacation ( went out last week of May ) we left for vacation June 4th and returned June 11th and all seemed well. I filled the feed and water the night before we left so they would be fine as far as feed and water. My neighbor collected eggs the first couple days but fell ill and ended up in the hospital. Upon returning I had 18 eggs in the nest boxes all unharmed LOL
Anyways, the new chicks were staying in the coop mostly, occasionally Id see them out in the run but 90% of the time they were in the coop. I started running them out and now they are kinda 50/50 in and out of the coop but seeing them more outside now. I have noticed when I go get the eggs that the new hens are now using the perches instead of all huddled into the nesting boxes so Im impressed they are learning from their elders now.... So, with the Easter eggers, I am assuming they will start laying around this time next year?

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