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    I can not get a straight answer form the people I have contacted. Technically I live in Granger Indiana, it is considered county residence, but part of the South Bend area. It is not a subdivision per-say, but a neighborhood called Georgian Acres. We have 1 acre. Am I able to raise about 6 ckns? There is a family about a mile down the road with horses but I know that's different than the chicken idea.

    Thanks for any help you can provide
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    This should not be ambiguous. You live in a county, you live in a city. There are lines drawn and defined. You are either there or you are not. Look on your tax bill or tax assessor-collector's website to see where you are. The county and city in which you live has the rules you must follow, if any.

    Rules in neighborhoods or subdivisions exist only if there is a homeowners' association that administers regulations for the legally defined area. If so, you signed a copy of the covenant and restrictions when you bought your property.

    Here, the areas are called subdivisions out of practice to define an area. My subdivision is not an area with covenants and restrictions outside of county ordinances.

    After you decide where you live, check the prevailing regulations and ordinances to see what applies.

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    You are in the county and not able to have chickens unless you petition the zoning board for special permission. The South Bend City Urban Chicken Law does not include county residents.

    According to the current ordinance - you must have 5 acres to have chickens.

    This is story about a Penn Township Couple that petitioned the zoning board and won to keep their chickens:

    We're fighting to have the county ordinance modified:

    Let me know if you have more questions. We recently (last spring) had to give up our flock.


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