Live Proteins To Raise For Chickens?

Wild Child

May 17, 2015
Dakota County Mn
I'm looking to convert my flock to a better diet. I've been thinking about raising insects as a live protein source but my family isn't to keen with the idea other then crickets, earthworms, and possibly meal worms.
Here's some things I've come up with:
1. Aquatic Snails
2. Crickets
3. Earthworms
4. Guppies
5. Meal Worms

and I know this isn't a live protein source but has anyone tried feeding duckweed to chickens?


Apr 11, 2015
Hugging my chicken in Southern N.E.
My girls LOVE mealworms so much and from what I've heard everyone else's chickens love them too. I read somewhere though that 1 teaspoon a day per chicken is more than enough as too much can cause kidney failure (same goes for sun flower seeds). Mealworms are about 50% protein so in moderation that would be great for your flock.

Personally, my girls don't really like earthworms, but they are full of protein. I read that they also have significant amounts of calcium and some iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium , and copper.

I've never heard of people feeding aquatic snails or guppies to their chickens, but I do know that they absolutely love crickets. Crickets are about 20% protein and 14% calcium.

I just looked it up and one site says duckweed is around 40% protein and they feed it to their chickens.

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