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Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by HEChicken, Nov 10, 2009.

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    Is there a calculation to figure out what the dressed weight will be versus the live weight, or is it so variable that there is no way to guess? I have a rooster who just started to crow so will soon need to be processed, since I can't keep roosters in the city. I weighed him and he only weighs 4# live (and that was with a full crop). He is a BO. I can keep him a little longer since his crows are not yet loud and its the time of year when our neighbors have their windows closed so I don't think he'll bother anyone, but his time is drawing near. I know he's not going to be a huge meal, but wanted to try to figure out just how small a meal he will be....
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    You can deduct 1/3 of the live weight to determine dressed weight. In my expirience, it takes around 24 weeks to get a nice sized BO. They look much bigger with their feather on. I butchered some 20 week olds and was very disappointed with the dressed carcus. I realize you have no choice if he's crowing, but don't anticipate a nice roaster.
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    Mmmm, sounds like time to get out the charcoal and do a bit of a snack. we let our meaties go too long and DH was very disappointed at the big things they turned out to be. What you will have sounds like what he is dreaming of. Split and laid over the charcoal, a wee bit of bbq sauce when it is just about done.
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    I have a similar question. I have 24 four week old Cornish. They say 6-8 weeks to finish, but how do I know when to process them? Its been several years since I raised meat birds. I like some as fryers and the rest roasters. How do others weigh theirs at live weight. I can just see the two of us getting on the bathroom scales, LOL.
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    Quote:Actually, with increasing difficulty. I have a kitchen scale and when they were little, I'd just sit them in the bowl and wait until they held still. The older they get though, the less they like this procedure and it now takes DD and I together to get the job done. She catches and puts them in the scale, then we both hold our hands to provide a little fence around the bird to try to get it to stay on the scale long enough for it to give us a good reading.
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    Just tie the legs and lay them down onto the kitchen scale !!! Presto, live weight.

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