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May 17, 2017
Saratoga, CA
Check out the LIVE ChickenCam feed from sunny northern California.

Watch LIVE from sunny Northern California: as the daily lives of 6 chicks and 2 adults chickens unfold before your eyes.

We built them a nice, big coop and and an awesome chicken run (off camera, to the left).

They have an automatic waterer (the vertical white PVC tube in the middle of the picture). If you look closely, you can see them pecking at the nipples (Yes, there is such a thing as chicken nipples) to get a drink. The waterer is hooked up to the sprinkler system, so they never go thirsty. There is also an automatic gravity-based feeder system (the black ABS pipe to the right of the waterer) so that they don't go hungry.

Sometimes they have a Boxer guest that likes to stare at them.
I would register to make my first post on a live feed camera of a chicken coop lol. Very cool

I read your description about your automatic water and feeder. I see you're also in California, so probably doesnt apply to you, but does that little roof you have built do pretty well with keeping the food dry? I'm in South Florida where it rains often, and am about to get into raising chickens

Wife and I are moving from a golf club HOA community to a agriculture zoned 2 acre lot with a brand new key west style home (I'm so freakin excited!). Going to build our own coop/run once done doing research and devise a plan, and want to incorporate from the get go a automatic water and food feeder. Definitely have to consider how to keep it dry... I'm planning on having my coop elevated enough to allow the chickens under there for some shade, and also have the water/food dispenser situated there as well.
That's an old IKEA kids' table. It does a very good job of keeping the food dry.
We haven't had a yuuuge downpour since I put it in, so I can't be 100% but I'm fairly sure.

The feeder is a vertical ABS pipe, with an upside-down Y-connecter and a cap on the bottom. Since the Y-connector opening is completely covered by the table, and the opening is to the side of and above the main body of the pipe, the rain trickling down the side of the pipe can't get the food wet.
I had too much space on the bottom, and I was worried about the food rotting, so I cut out a plastic circle from an old cottage-cheese container to the width of the pipe, put it in just below the Y-joint opening, and filled the bottom with some expanding foam.

If you have 2 acres, and you're building a large coop and run, you may just want to put some plastic roofing on the part of the coop where the feeders will be.

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