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    Sep 19, 2016
    When I was trying to decide what breed dog to get to protect my free range chickens from neighbor's dogs, I consulted this blog among many. I've learned a lot since 6 years ago.

    I've got a brilliant Dutch Shepherd (Belgian Malinois GSD cross). He knows his job & completed his protection training w/a neighbors dog that went feral after catching & eating my chickens. That dog had to die & only because he would not back down off his last chicken catch. Every dog since gets a royal thumping reason never to return as they are 'escorted' off the property. He even cusses at the Hawks from the ground until they give up & move on.

    So now I am reparing to utilize his superiorwork ethic to help me train a youbg, new pack member. If she proves to perform, I will breed a litter of puppies out of her & train those. I am wondering what people would spend for a fully trained guardian dog? Mine are still family members & they happily do the job in anticipation of ball play for reward.

    The pup would have to be close to 1 yr old before finished & ready. Then the new family will need some training also.
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    I think there could be a market for that! My avatar is my "guard dog." We have too many cats but let a strange cat come around and its game on! He has killed an interlocking coyote, raccoons, and opossums, and like yours, barks and chases hawks that soar overhead. Not sure why...he just sees the property as his domain, I guess.
  3. A great LGD is worth his weight in gold if properly introduced to livestock at a very young age...My Maremma was started as a 6 week old puppy with his Mother and sibling to protect Mini Mares and foals...He lived with them..
    He now watches over my Property, Horses, Chickens and Ducks...He was never introduced to birds till he was over a year old...His instinct to protect is strong..
    Another Lady I know puts her pups with Chickens at 8 weeks old during the day and for about about a week getting used too Birds and then transitions them to the Sheep flock till 16 weeks old and starts selling pups then...She gradually does the introduction...

    An old man I know has his dogs with sheep 24/7...Pups are born outside and with sheep till 8 weeks and he sells them..

    All mentioned above...Have great success with selling pups without having to keep a pup for a year to train...In general a LGD WILL HAVE THAT BORN IN INSTINCT TO PROTECT...
    LGD also have a hard time being rehomed at an older age because the dogs are way more aloof with strangers and take the job very seriously..Bond tightly to what they consider their property...and to what they are protecting...

    Pups here sell for around $ 500....

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    Cool beans! That's great info. We trained our Govna to guard from hawks. One day doing outside work the chickens did their "take cover" vocals & ran under the trailer. Govna came running knowing something was up. So we taught him "up" with the ball (in 3 tries) & next time it happened that afternoon we said "up" & h3 got it from then on. He used to cuss at the Culver's but eventually figured out the difference.

    We'll see how this new girl works out. I love idea of intro'ng pups at young age!

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