**Living in the clans**a warriors cats role play!![every body welcome]

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    Welcome to my role play!come and join!

    *be nice
    *no mating,PM me if you want to,for mating
    *do not kill other people's cats without ther pemishon

    Clans:ther are four clans in the forest,they are always fighting for food and teratory,here are the name of the clans:

    Leafclan:smart,sneckie,and loves blood-shed

    Dawnclan:thay stick with warrior code,and protect ther clan

    Ice clan:a clan of cold,thay love blood-shed more then leafclan,they never follow the warrior code

    Pine clan:small but fierce

    Names:apparntinces name have to end in "paw"(like ice paw,black paw)
    Kits have to end in kit (ice kit,black kit)and warriors can be any thing!!(ice fur,blackclaw)
    Do thing,like nature,noting like dragon fur or fluffy,if you need help PM me or look things up

    Language:thay have difent language then us,look it up on Erin hunter site

    Teratory:dawn clan and pine clan are in the woods so are leaf clan,ice clan is in the Mounties.the camp for dawn clan is dusty ground and caves for dens,and ther is a bramble thick it along the outside to keep them protected.

    Are mane clan is dawn clan and ice clan keeps attacking and killing ther warriors



    If you read every thing,put "star clan" in other.
    Don't RP until I accspet your cat.

    I'm going to have the deputy in ice clan,and leader in dawn clan,every body else can have the other deputy's and other leaders

    Thanks for joining!


    Robinheart(dawnclan,med.cat apparntice),frostfoot(frostclan,deputy),leafheart(leaf,deputy),mousefur(


    Lil peeps:sage whisker(dawn,warrior),cherrypaw(pine,apparntice),gingersplash(I've warrior).

    Brownfamflock:dapplestar(leaf,leader)and a bunch of rogues
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    Will any body join??? :( :(
  4. Name: Willowfrost
    Age: 32 moons
    Gender: Female
    Clan: Dawn
    Personality: Kind and loyal, can be a little strict, she has a strong sense of justice
    Description/pic: A pretty silver she-cat,her left ear is white and her right side of her face was mangled by a badger when she was young
    History: when she as a kit she was born to a rogue named Frost and she had a brother named Fox, they both died in a badger attack and she ran all the way to Dawn clan territory
    Status: Deputy
    Username: Frost bite88

    ( I'll make more cats later :) )
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    (I was going to be leader,can you make her willow frost?sorry)
  6. ( That's fine, can she be deputy?)
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    Name:raven star
    Age:20 moons
    Gender:she cat
    Clan:dawn clan
    Description:a pure black she cat with dark dark dark green eyes
    History:mother was a loner named snow,and her brother was river and her brother is a warrior,and her mother is a medicine cat

    (Sorry but can you put status?)

    Name:tiger paw
    Age:7 moons
    Clan:dawn clan
    Personality:fierce in battle,protective of his family
    Description:a dark tabby Tom
    History:mentor is raven star
    Status:warrior apparntice

    Name:river stone
    Age:17 moons
    Clan:dawn clan
    Personality:kind,protective of his sister,and mother
    Description:a black tabby Tom with a scar across his left eye
    History:mother is snow fur and sister is ravenstar

    Name:snow fur
    Age:24 moons
    Gender:she cat
    Clan:dawn clan
    Personality:sweet kind caring
    Description:a pure white she cat with blue eyes
    History:mother to river stone and raven star
    Status:medicine cat

    (Frostbite88,willow frost can be the deputy)
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    Name:frost foot
    Age:17 moons
    Gender:she cat
    Clan:ice clan
    Personality:stern cold.
    Description:a pure white she cat with grey spots
  9. Name: Iciclepaw
    Age: 6 moons
    Gender: Female
    Clan: Dawn
    Personality: Doesn't talk to anyone and no one talks her, she's shy and hates herself
    Description/pic: A white she-cat with pitch black pointed stripes on her back, face and tail. icy blue eyes
    History: She's mute and the iceclan leader is one of her parents, she was weak so the leader kicked her out
    Status: Apprentice
    Username: Frost bite88

    ( when we start rping, Iciclepaw just got to the Dawnclan territory)

    Name: Frozenheart
    Age: 23 moons
    Gender: Female
    Clan: Ice
    Personality: Cold, stern, emotionless, strong, and sneaky
    Description/pic: A pale brown with a white chest ans stomach
    History: born in clan
    Status: Warrior
    Username: Frost bite88
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    (Accepted,would icicle paw like to be a med cat?we can start RPing now,if you like)

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