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Crossville, Alabama
Hello everyone. I have a question please. i moved from ny to northeast alabama after retirement. i bought a 33 acre farm with the plans to raise my own meat and garden to my hearts content. I had built a 15 x 30 shed which i intend to make into a chicken, turkey and duck coop area, each with their own area, and the house i bought is next to chicken houses, 4 to be exact, in the rural town i live in. i understand from the real estate agent, previous owners and neighbors that these are not broilers but future breeding stock and the smell is reduced. that being said, i bought the chickens of my dream, copper marans and have them in a brooder in my shed. My concern is my neighbor made the statement that if i let my chickens out of the pen, which i wanted free range, then he has concerns it will wipe out his chickens, which are in the commercial coops. when we texted further, he made the statement that the previous owners of my home did not have chickens "because they respected him". I never hid the fact i was having chickens, turkeys, ducks, a pig or two, sheep and cows. that is why i bought the 33 acres. i know in small towns neighbors help their neighbors but when does that stop when others infringe on what you long for? do i not have chickens to keep the peace? do i continue with my plans for my retirement and stay to myself? any advise would be appreciated. thank you in advance


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If you have 33 acres then he shouldn't care. You have more than enough room for them to free range, and as you said this is your dream. There are no rules that say you can not own livestock, so it should not be his concern. We have 31 acres with people on each side. They all have their own chickens that they free range as well. We have never had a problem with our chickens or theirs going onto other properties. Even though we have 31 acres, our chickens tend to stay around our house. And how would your chickens wipe out his if they are free ranged?


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What is the concern? Disease? I'd be more concerned of the commercial coops.

What is the fence on the property line? May be time to upgrade to a chicken proof?

He is afraid of his livelihood. I'm just not certain how justified this fear is.


Oct 8, 2017
Just keep your chickens on your property and ignore him. As long as they don't wander over to his place he doesn't have any right to try to keep you from owning livestock.

If he's a turd about it, put your pig pens up right along the boundary between your properties and let him enjoy. :cool:

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Agreed with RUNuts. I would be much more concerned about contamination from his commercial operation. His property rights end where yours begin. If he was concerned about the possibility of contamination from neighborhood flocks, he should have bought your property when it came on the market so he could maintain control of the land that you now own.

How close are his chicken barns to your property line? How much space between your house and the property line? Are there any zoning ordinances that affect his commercial operation or your back yard dream?

Good fences make good neighbors. Perhaps put up an occlusive fence to help keep the breezes wafting from one property to the other? Or a fence AND a hedge?


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I'm so perplexed as to why he is afraid that you will wipe out his chickens. That seems like such an odd statement. Him saying others respected him is just a way of telling you others did what he wanted. I would assume with 33 acres there shouldn't be an issue. I would try speaking with him and maybe he can explain himself in further detail. If that doesn't work and there are no laws forbidding you to free range your own beloved flock then you needn't worry because the law would be on your 'side '. Maybe he doesn't like change and you are the so called newbie around the area. I have had grumpy farmers in my area but after standing my ground and gaining trust and respect everything worked out .
Best wishes to you, I hope and believe this can be resolved peacefully given time.


May 18, 2017
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I'm in Mississippi and the chicken houses are pretty serious about this kind of thing. There are a lot of meat chicken houses here and I was told they make employees sign something that they cant have their own chickens to prevent disease transfer. Most have biological warning signs on there property. Don't think they can legally prevent anyone from raising chickens on there own property. I've seen a new commercial lately on TV some "organic chicken" farm. where all the chickens are out on a beautiful sunny day on some very pretty golf course like grass....the reality of raising meat chickens commercially is pretty gross and nothing like that commercial projects! Not sure how anyone could get used to working in that kinda stench all day specially the rendering plants!


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First, know your rights. Be sure your barn/shed abides by the appropriate setbacks. Also be sure you are permitted to free range in your area. If they are still concerned perhaps offer us a suggestion or two that shows you are willing to work with them. Even if they don't go for it, it looks like you value their operation. Perhaps they would walk you through and pay for your NPIP certification. Perhaps they would split the cost of fencing with you to keep your flock back some from the property line. Perhaps your pigs/sheep/etc are housed on the perimeter of the property and your chickens are more centralized. You do not have to give up your dreams because of your neighbors, but find some way to make a peace offering since you are the new kid on the block.


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Feb 9, 2008
Crossville, Alabama
I THANK YOU ALL so very much for your input. before i moved in he had installed fencing, after telling him i was having chickens so i'm pretty sure they can't get over there. I built the coop, actually a 15 x 30 aluminium building with concrete flooring about 300 feet from his fence and i plan to have a pen area for them as well as free range He also has his cow herd between my property and his houses.. i agree with Lazy, if he was that concerned with contamination he should have bought the property. I will keep trying to reach out to him to resolve the issue he has but i also feel i should follow my dream. it is not a huge operation, just small enough for me and my family. I prefer to respect everyone i meet but also know that sometimes, when it is demanded, i tend to get my dander up, therefore i requested all of your opinions before i make an enemy. I thank you all again and hope you have a wonderful day !!

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