Livornese (aka Leghorn) chickens highlighted in La Cucina Italiana

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    The April 2011 issue of La Cucina Italiana has an article highlighting the amazing eggs from Livornese chickens. I think it's funny that the article writer refers to them as a "local heritage breed (its name taken from the nearby port town of Livorno) is known as a prodigious egg layer." Um, yeah. Leghorns are. He doesn't seem to realize that Livornese chickens are known in the US as Leghorns. [​IMG]

    In any case, the eggs are selling for some outrageous amount (like $4 each!) for *cooking* and I think it's because these people just don't know any better. I mean, granted, my light brown leghorn does lay pretty great eggs with awesome yolks. [​IMG]

    Anyways - there are also some great egg recipes in the magazine. Check it out.

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    great share [​IMG]
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    Thanks for sharing. I'm going to cruise through all of the editions/recipes they have posted.

    Go figure about the Leghorn eggs. Wish we could get $4 ea for ours. [​IMG]

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