Local Newscast Made my Blood Boil Re: Dick Clark

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  1. i turned on the local news this morning to find CW31 Good Day Sacramento, talking about Dick Clark on the New Year Eve's show. They had a running question for viewers throughout the hour, asking if Dick Clark should retire. What was outrageous were the comments from the reporters. One reporter was saying that it was depressing seeing him. He said that maybe he could be on the show, but not so close to the happy event of the count down. He further commented that children would have been watching, and it could have upset them.

    Another reporter said she "felt sorry for him", but that it was great that "he taught himself to talk again". Obviously, she has never had a relative or friend suffer a stroke. No one sits home and "teaches themselves to talk", they go to a speech therapist and work through many hours of therapy to regain the ability to talk. i feel sorry for that reporter for being so ignorant and bigoted and prejudiced.

    i was just so astounded at what they were saying. Does everyone have to be perfect to be on television? Are we supposed to lock up or put away anyone with any kind of disability? Or do we just lock them up for happy occasions? And rather than a child seeing Dick Clark and it scarring them emotionally, how about what a great learning experience that would be? "Mommy, why is that man talking funny?" Well, honey, he had a stroke, let me tell you what that is". So then that child is better prepared and emotionally compassionate when they next come upon a stroke survivor (or any other type of disabled person).

    i don't think i was so upset merely because my mother had a stroke, and i was with her every step of her recovery. i think we really need to strike down prejudice in any form we see it. The disabled (physically, mentally, and emotionally) in this country are still up for ridicule, still looked upon as second citizens. People feel sorry for them or look away, and i understand that. But we need to see that those feelings are our problem and try to overcome them - not validate them and try to get others to vote on our side.

    Sorry this was a long rant. i wrote a letter to the station manager and cc: to the local ACLU. Hopefully they will rethink their position and offer an online apology. And i look forward to seeing Dick Clark on tv for a long time to come.

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    I didn't see anything on this, but Good for you! to write that letter! send me the link; I'll write one too! I totally am in agreement with you (have had to deal with strokes in family members here too).
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    I know how it is. I had Encefolitus(spelling), not a stroke but the same aftermath. People can be shallow.
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    The station was outta line.

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    Morons the lot of them!

    PS: Encephalitis
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    Yea, that.
  7. Thanks TerriLaChicks, if you feel inspired, you can email the station manager at [email protected], or snail mail at:

    Mr. Kevin Walsh
    CBS 13/CW 31 Studios
    2713 KOVR Drive
    West Sacramento, CA 95605

    Hopefully this was the only news station with the extremely bad taste to suggest anyone with a disability should remove themselves from the public eye.

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    I taught myself to talk and walk after my bain haemorrhage. Sometimes the help in hospitals isn't enough. I spent hours trying to read out loud until I managed a whole sentence with no mistakes....
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    More and more I see the attitude that people (the general public) want to be 'protected' from seeing things they don't like...which, for a lot of people, includes the very sight of someone they consider unattractive for any reason (overweight, scars/injuries, whatever).

    There is less and less tolerance for people who look or act or speak differently and as a result more tv and movies (even the news) are hiring only 'attractive' people...and young ones at that. I think it's appalling.

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    Quote:AMEN to that!!!!!!!

    I have children with disabilities. Edited to add: (One of them has moderate Autism. He's very lovable, and fairly social for a child with Autism.) I dealt with this kind of thing at Christmas. Usually the grandparents(my parents) come over in the morning to watch the kids open presents. Long story short, I suggested that for this one year due to my child's health problems, that they come over here, and we skip going over there. For Just this one year. One of the suggestions my mother made? How about Jim(DH) bring the rest of the kids over here on Christmas morning to open presents, and you stay home with him and he can open his presents later. REALLY?!?!?!?!!? [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Any who, that being said, I have an extremely low tolerance who deliberately choose to discriminate. On the other hand, I also know that people that say and feel things like that, usually possess a level of ignorance that needs to be educated. Thank you for the email address. I think I will do just that. [​IMG]
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