Local urban ledgends/ghost stories?

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    I love to read about this stuff online, the scarier the better...er, anyways does anyone have any localized urban ledgends in their area?

    we have a couple in my area, one of which is of a young girl who wears a black skirt and tank-top, and wonders around the old run down storage houses in the town, supposedly a girl was abducted from a party back in 1988 and was taken their by her boyfriend and a couple other people and killed in some sort of accult type thing, but it was never proven

    the most famous, around here anyway, is dead dogs cave. this is a real story, I've actually been to the cave before, and i must say I do get freaked out when i go there.

    it's just a little natural cave waaaaaay back in the woods about 20 or 30 miles from much of nothing, theres a very pretty river that friends and i used to fish on.

    anyways, the story goes that back in the 1800's 1876 I think it was around that time, there was a man by the name of Rudolph Vernsby, local man who was very wealthy by those days standards, anyways apparently Vernsby had a habit of being a bit of a....well, a man of many women if you catch my drift.

    to make a long story short, in 1878 Vernsby married a local girl, named Sarah cline or something, and they had 3 or 4 kids, everything was just normal until they started loosing money, the parents started fighting and there were accusations of the two girls being bothered by the father, so Sarah kicked him out.

    anyways, over the years Vernsby got a rep. for being a mad man, he would wonder the streets, now homeless and dirt poor, because his wife took everything, but he still had his ways, and there were more accusations of local women (mostly prostitutes) being, well, ya know.

    Vernsby aquired a puppy from a local farmer in 1884 and trained it to steal food and things, and lure women to him...it became so outragious that the local police ran him out of the town with his dog.

    thats where dead dogs cave comes in, because apparently Vernsby found the cave, and lived in it for several years, aquiring a couple more dogs, whom ofcourse had puppies, and so he eventually had a pack of very agressive dogs.

    in 1887 the dogs killed a local boy walking home from church, in order to stay out of trouble, vernsby hid the boy in the back of the cave, and as story has it, fed him to the dogs.

    I'm going to skip ahead, in..I think it was 1898 or so, a couple local kids had gotten drunk and found thier way to the cave where vernsby and the dogs stayed, who knows what goes through the minds of drunk people, but anyways, they threw drugged meat into the cave, which ofcourse the dogs ate which caused them to pass out in the cave, and the boys poured gasoline all over the inside and lit it on fire, what they didn't know was that vernsby was also in the cave, asleep.

    the boys ran off when they heard screaming from inside, apprently one of them came back once the fire had died down, and there he saw the charred, but still alive body of vernsby holding the dead remains of one of his dogs, when the boy got close, he heard the man speak, according to the tale vernsbys last words were a curse, "curse he who did this to my family, curse he and the rest of their d***ed souls until they suffer similar fates and all cease to exist"

    police were never called but of 4 boys, 3 of them burned up in fires of some sort, and one was killed by a drunk driver.

    anyways, this is local lore and ALL the old folk in town know it, to this day it's actually said that if you go to the cave and stand outside at the exact same time of night that the boys set the cave on fire 9which i guess was around 1 oe 2am that you can hear a voice screaming in the back of the cave and fire crackling, if you go into the cave and say "Rudolph Vernsby come forth with your pack", you will hear dogs growling and nails clicking on the stone.

    I personally have one heard one thing while there that sounded like a growl, but I didn't stick around long enough to hear more.

    we also have "the cackler" that is supposed to be a creature that lets out a metallic cackling sound and is supposed to steal things from right under you.

    and we have, whats supposed to be a big white buck deer that appears during hunting season, alot of hunters have claimed to have seen it, it supposedly appears right as a hunter is ready to shoot a deer, but supposedly the gun always jams, then the creature is said to lead the deer away, I don't know if I believe that one though.

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