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    I have just done this and my phone tells me that I have give Sprint permission to locate my phone. Better to be safe than sorry.

    You may remember that a young woman was recently abducted from a Target parking lot in Overland Park , a suburb of Kansas City . Her body was discovered many miles away in Missouri . They were able to locate her by the sequence of cell phone towers that picked up her cell phone location. She had not attempted to dial out, but when her family was trying to call her the towers could sense her phone. Sadly, the authorities were not able to reach her in time. However, they were able to locate her body which was in an area where they never would have searched without the cell phone tower information.

    Below is information you may find helpful. The cell phone "locator" can be either set on "E911" in which case you must dial out to be located, or it can be set to be on all the time. With it on all the time you can be located by emergency services through the police if you fail to respond (sick, injured or worse).

    ALL cell phones have this feature. It's called Location. It's under the "Settings" or "System" tool. Once you turn this on, THEN your phone is traceable (select "Location On" instead of "E911 Only"). To stay safe, everyone needs to check their phone and turn this on!!! Please pass the word to everyone you know.
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    That could be an idea for the kids cell phones.

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    I think that there were a few cases up here in WA too where police were trying to use cell phone to track lost people, but due to rules, they were not allowed to, and the people in these cases almost died because they were trapped for like a week in a car or in revenes.
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    I turned this on on my son's cell phone. Then I also subscribed to the GPS on our phones. It allows them to locate you anywhere also!

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