lockdown, first hatch, love this site!

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    Jul 1, 2011
    Sending hugs all around, thank you everyone for practical advice shared and all the other perks which grow towards friendships. Gotta share...my first eggs went into lockdown. This morning I THOUGHT I heard peeps, but convinced myself it was wishful thinking since birds aplenty are right outside the laundry room (closed of course) window. Yes, I plastered my ear to the incubator, holding my breath, listening...listening...nothing...hey-what's that? No...too muffled, must be coming from outside. Listening more...maybe? Hearing it just a little more...different styles of peeps if I'm very, very patient. I walk away, wondering if I'm inventing the noise, turn off the light, and it suddenly sounds like every egg is getting a voice. NO WAY. I turn the lights back on, walk over to the 'bator and the noise dims, settles down. Press my ear to the plexiglass again, and yep, there they go, one at a time. Just a little bit. One sounds impatient and loud. I go to leave, turn out the lights, and there they go again. Experiment. Is that possible? They are in a foam incubator with a fan. Surely they can't know I'm there, or even care. Is it the light they sense through the glass? Are they noisy because they WANT the light? Or happy because I turn it off, kinda like my teen son in the morning?

    In any case, I'm tiptoeing in there constantly just to hear them. Perfect music that keeps a silly grin on my face.
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    Jul 27, 2011
    Haha! I've always got my face squished against the windows in my incubator, holding

    my breathe trying to hear the little peeps! This site is amazing. I honastly don't know

    what I'd do with-out it. Good luck with your hatch!:)

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