lockdown fri night:-)

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    Jun 15, 2011
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    Just candled my mixed bunch of nuts, getting ready for hatcher on Fri..they allllll look good! We had a not so good hatch with 7 silkies the other day..one out of 7 hatched,but I think was expected because the first 7 days they started out under a heat lamp. Now the real test comes with the next hatch(our second hatch ever and a "new old" Incubator ..an old jamesway 2940..anyone else using one Of these?)

    Really excited to see how This turns out..my husband worked so hard to get this cleaned up and running smoothly. NOW!!!! The fb part starts this weekend as well. He atta:Dched another incubator to it, as this is how they are designed to work And we Have some fertile ostrich eggs coming. THAT will be the real test.

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    Jul 7, 2011
    I know how you feel. We had about 50 shipped eggs we set and only about half went into lockdown. We had only one chick to hatch so far. We had bought an LG and used that for incubation along with a retro styrofoam wafter bator. The retro worked much better and didn't have the temp. fluctuations the LG had. My husband was so frustrated with the quality he retrieved his father's Leahy (Brower) Redwood cabinet incubator for our next hatch. It needs a lot of work though. Good luck on your eggs in the big bator [​IMG]

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