Lockdown in brinsea oct 20 advance


11 Years
Aug 7, 2008
Durham, UK
It's lockdown tomorrow and it's my first incubation with this incubator so i'm just checking that i'll be doing it right, so do I take the metal egg separators out and lie the eggs on their side or can i put them into egg cartons, there buff orpington bantam eggs.
You can put them into cut down egg cartons if you like. I do.

Also, I wait until the turner is straight up, then I just unplug it, instead of taking the incubator out of the cradle. Just make SURE it is the turner you unplug, NOT the 'bator!
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People do it both ways. I have the 1588, not the Eco 20, but I take my turner out and lay them on the wire screen.

Many people that use the cartons cut the bottom of the carton away to give the eggs more ventilation and have less restrictions on the pipping/zipping chick. I don't do it that way so I cannot really comment on how necessary that is. With your bantam eggs, that might be a bit more challenging to do.

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