Lockdown starts tomorrow for the 'hurricane' eggs


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Mar 1, 2009
AKA my first hatch ever!! A week after incubation the hurricane hit (power was lost and I thought they were goners) but it looks like 7 or 8 out of my 15 original eggs are still alive.

Candled today and they all have healthy veins and I swear I saw movement in a few of them..I can't wait to see the lil peeps on Saturday if they all make it!
Aaaaand I'll need to start looking for homes for EE roos because there is NO WAY they're all going to be pullets because that is my luck
Good Luck, chicks are always exciting, especially when they have a survival story. I once had a chick survive 3 days on the kitchen table at room tempature at day 17 of incubation. Onca again, good luck!
Id give you my luck as i feathered sexed my 10 chicks and it only showed 3 at most being males. Lol i have eggs going on lockdown the 9th i doubt any will hatch as they were ebay eggs.
Augh this wait is terrible...any day now...

Float tested three eggs because I am IMPATIENT and they are all good so hopefully???tomorrow??? I'll have some pips

Incubator temp has been on the low side for the whole term so I'm expecting them to be a tad late.

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