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    Just put eggs into lockdown.[​IMG] I only have three eggs that I am hatching though.[​IMG] I had a bit of a problem during my last lockdown, none of the eggs made it because they were all shrink wrapped.[​IMG] I just am asking for any advice on how to have a perfect hatch.[​IMG] I would love for two of them to hatch so that they can have each other while growing up and so that they dont get lonely.[​IMG]
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    well totally MAX out the humidity during lockdown, lemme tell ya. Dont open it no matter "how fast you got the humidity back up", it disturbs the hatching enviroment in a way that cant be recovered. Humidity up, lid down. Fill up paper cups with water and set them out to increase humidity. If you have a manufactured (like LG or Hova or Brinsea, basically not homemade) 'bator then it probably has some sort of humidity water holding mechanism, like in the HovaBator under the plastic wiring where the turner/eggs are placed, there's a plastic lining which can hold water (and p(oo/ee)) that i fill to the brink during LD. 70-80+ is good here, after first hatch keep humidity up for other eggs and when they're all done you can let them dry off in there for a day and put them into brooder after that.
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    They hatched. Will post pics.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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