Locked up Chicken!!!!!!!!!!


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May 16, 2015
Oh my!!!! This stuff only happens to me! One of my Black Sex Link Hens climbed in the middle of a big roll of poultry wire and got stuck! I have been looking for her for a week and a half we finally found her yesterday I was freaking out and crying it took us 30 minutes to cut her out and she was still alive I gave her electrolytes and her water she was stumbling around that found her balance and drink and drink and drink and ate some food she was bound and determined that she was roosting last night with the others so I let her in hopes that she would be accepted back into the flock with no problems and she was the temperatures down here have been in the 50s and has been foggy and drizzly so I think that's what Saved her!! she seems to be decent shape but I can tell she's got lumps in her from eggs that need to be removed and I need to also clean her of the smell of urine and clean her back area from poop what's the best way to do this help ! She is out walking around with the rest of the hens today and there does not seem to be any pecking order issue so I'm glad for that But I do see the lamps and I do see her with her we can hang in just a little bit on one side what's the best did to do!!!


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May 11, 2010
Give her a few days to recover then give her a warm bath/soak to clean her bustle and hopefully get her egg laying started again. Some people use Dawn dishwashing liquid but in this situation I'd use a good old fashioned oatmeal shampoo. Once she is clean, blow dry her feathers, and release her to the flock. Several members here have had their hens get caught in strange things and have had a good ending. Once the dehydration and electrolytes are back to normal your hen will hopefully start laying again. You should be able to find electrolyte powder at your local feed store. Unflavored pedialyte (found in the baby section at any supermarket) works well if you can't make it to the feed store.

Good luck!

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