lockedhearts & pumpkinpup, Great To Meet You Today!

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by speckledhen, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. speckledhen

    speckledhen Intentional Solitude

    And, thanks for giving CJ a great new home. I'll miss his big, soulful eyes around here, but he needs his own women and a real place in this world. Good luck with those BR and Blue Orp eggs!
  2. lockedhearts

    lockedhearts It's All About Chicken Math

    Apr 29, 2007
    Hey Cyn,
    It was great to meet you and your hubby. And all your "kids"
    I posted a pic in Breeds & genetics, he is settling in.
  3. Pumpkinpup

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    Jul 16, 2008
    North-West Georgia
    Hi Cyn! Thanks so much for the hospitality and allowing us to meet all your lovely birds! I really enjoyed getting aquaited with you and your hubby and sweet puppy dog. The cookie was awesome by the way [​IMG]
    We had a great trip up and back and CJ rode like a trooper. He is terribly sweet and I just know Karen will LOVE him!
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