Loft for heavier squabbing breeds, loft ideas or sources?


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Jul 24, 2009
About ten years ago I met up with yardbird tx from this forum to take a look at his Texan Pioneer pigeons and loft. My job soon called me away to Chicago, where it is--suprise!--illegal to keep pigeons. I am in Oklahoma now and I am looking to get into pigeons with the goal of providing a source of occasional meat from the squab. As such, I am looking to get one of the larger production breeds, but I'm not sure on the best loft setup to use. As I recall, Yardbird TX had his nests just a few inches off the ground, and his pigeons were kept in a type of shed 100% of the time. He explained that the birds are really too big to fly well, and the low nests were necessary. I am not tied to that breed, although I am still possibly interested (if I can find any birds!), so I'm looking for guidance on housing for larger birds. I read on this forum differing opinions on whether other utility breeds like Utility Kings require those same low nests, with some members saying they actually have no problem flying. Since I am still in the planning stage, I was wondering whether anyone has any input, especially any loft designs for larger birds? I would like to have some sort of protected outdoor area for the birds rather than just a shed, so if anyone has seen any good designs, I would love to see or hear about them. My requirements are no stacking cages and large enough to hold maybe 5 pairs of birds, something like that, and something that I can purchase or build easily and cheaply. Also interested in specific breed recommendations/experiences or recommendations of breeders in the NE Oklahoma area. Thanks!


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Apr 6, 2014
Melrose Park Illinois

casportpony :thumbsup

I responded to the call :hugs but I only dealt with homing pigeons,,, not utility pigeons.
Raising the larger pigeons for food would be similar to chicken coop style. Provide a run that is secured overhead as well. Not sure how they would train to go inside for night, if inside large run.
I have no other ideas to offer:old:idunno

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