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    Apr 18, 2012
    My Lohman Browns are a week old. Tonight after dinner, I noticed that the tip of the top beak has broken off. There is no blood and it is not to the nostril. However, the bottom beak on the tip has a brown coloration to it. Also her sister has discoloration on the tip of her beak as well, it kind of looks like a fingernail ready to peel off. Is this normal for this breed. My other 2 chickens do not have this happening and they are about a week older than the browns. Any ideas? Will the broken beak grow back?

  2. When I had Lohman Browns (production Layers) All of mind had the top tip break off as well.
    this does lead to reduced picking in the flock as the end of the beack is not exactly where they see it.
    It never gre back and never caused an issue with the hens.
    We lost the last one a year ago at the age of 5 to a coon.

    We found that they were not to bad of a bird to start with before we found all the fancy birds around.

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