Lohman whites hen or rooster?


6 Years
Sep 19, 2013
We got four hens and one rooster, two brown lohmans and two white. Now the whites are starting to look an awful lot like roosters. Hopefully someone who knows more than me can help me out :) The hen/roosters are around 16-17 weeks here

The one on the right we're pretty sure is a rooster, but the one on the left is starting to look more suspicous too...

Not a very good shot, but I added it cause it shows the butt of the white ones pretty good. Here's our nice brownish rooster as a comparison too :) He's so pretty

The comb looks awefully big for a hen.

So can you help me?
The whites are pullets. If you look up some pictures of white Leghorns you will see that even the pullets have large combs that usually flop over like yours.
The white birds (which, by the way, are White Leghorns) are pullets. Both male and female leghorns develop large red combs, though the roosters combs are larger and redder. But the body shape, comb development, and feathering of your birds is 100% female.
A huge weight has been lifted now. I was scared I'd get a big rooster fight on my hands and a re-home or eating situation.
I'm just adding another vote for them both being pullets! White Leghorns (and leghorn hybrids) naturally get rather large combs that eventually flop over. Your birds look just like the White Leghorns that I've seen. And, judging by the size of the combs, I think you'll be getting lots of nice large white eggs within a month!
16 weeks? I would expect eggs from those ladies within the next two weeks.

You should see my white Leghorns. Their combs are so big that they come down and cover one eye.

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