8 Years
Jun 5, 2011
My brother a friend and I started a yard sale! Made $70ish today gonna do it again tomorrow! BUT! When I went down the street to get our sign....It was gone!! lol I don't know who would want that thing! lol I'm guessing it was maybe the high school kids for a joke or something. Their school is down the street. lol
In the county I grew up in you were not allowed to have signs in the ground. I watched a police man pull one out and throw it into the back of his car once

Are you sure its not against the law?
I used to go way out of my way to make signs. I would dry wall screw them to phone poles so they wouldn't get torn down. one guy must have worked his butt off to rip one down. I noticed it on his side porch so I went and retrieved and told him to have a nice day.
I would prefer to see a yard sale sign any day of the week over a election sign.

Around here it seems that one mans trash is anothers treasure.

We made about $200.00 at the last one we had.

More $ for me to buy another mans trash! lol
My guess is there's a high school down that street and some kid was probably walking home (or where ever) and though it would be funny. Well actually the jokes on them! lol That board was garbage and by the time the high schoolers got out we were done the yard sale anyways! lol

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