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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by auce99, Apr 2, 2019.

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    Hello all!

    Looking for some advice/suggestions on my Indian Runner drake that recently lost his mate. He's always been super friendly and playful with me, but I fear her being gone will hit him hard soon, and I'm not sure what to do. With mating season right around the corner, I'm hesitant to get new ducklings, as much as I'd love new friends for him (and me!). He does seem okay, for now... but like I said, it's still early - he was constantly by her side (except for when I came out into the yard LoL).

    So what are my best options? Keep him a lone drake for awhile, and just give him as much attention as I can (I do work a full time job, away from home)? Get some ducklings, and just keep them separate until they're older (but let him see them, so he knows he has new friends)? Search out an adult hen duck (I don't exactly live in a popular duck area, but it may be possible)? Any other options?? I really don't want to give him up, either... :(

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    You have great options listed. I'd try and find him two adult Hens.
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    We once had a black Swedish drake who lost his mate as well. At the time we couldn’t locate any hens for him. He ended up doing just fine with the chickens, he was raised with them so it was like he thought he was one. He was like the peacekeeper as well, any time the roosters began to fight, he would right in between them to break it up. He was the sweetest thing!
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    My drake lost his mate early this year. He was so sad and upset. I could only have two ducks at the time, so I got him another drake friend. They have just now started getting into spats because breeding season is upon us. Other than that, they are so good together. I would reccomend trying to find him at least two hens that are around the same age and size as him.
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