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Jun 2, 2021
Hello! I have been a frequent visitor of a local man made pond, and a few months ago there was a Mallard family with one duckling. Fast forward to today, I believe there is one juvenile female all alone. She is very friendly, and wanders up to anyone that will give her attention. She swims by herself and then makes her way straight to the first person she sees. I was reading that lone ducks don't survive long, and was wondering if there is anything that should be done for her or will she find a flock on her own? Also, isn't she the cutest? Thanks for your help!

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Have you looked at her feet? I know a lot of hatcheries will remove the back toe of mallards they sell, that way people can tell the difference between one that's wild and one that was sold by a hatchery. Maybe she's from a hatchery...?
She may have a punched hole place on her web or back toe clipped off.
I'm going to visit her this afternoon. I have been bringing some duckling feed as snacks when I see her. I'll take a closer look at her web and if there is a back toe. Thanks for the suggestion! If she is domestic, what should the recourse be? The same?

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